Eternal Knights of Norrath


Basic Guild Rules (Pertains to all Members and Officers)

 Here are the Guild Rules (Remember, this is a family oriented guild, not a Raid Guild):

  • Respect each other in game.  Please try not to make too many unwanted or offensive racist remarks, some people can be very sensitive to some things and we want to limit conflicts on this particular area, because some things may be considered funny to some but quite hurtful to others. If you are found guilty of excessive hurtful remarks you will get booted.
  • Visit this site often to see updates and other new Events that we may have planned. There is no penalty for not following this rule we just wanted to get this message clear as it is one of the main purposes of this site.
  • No excessive whining, complaining, or annoying Fellow Guildies about Powerleveling, New Weapons or Armor, or other selfish things. We will first warn you about this but if this problem persists to a certain irritating degree you WILL get booted.
  • Help each other out.(example) If someone is looking for a group and have a spot available, offer them a chance to join if they are eligible, offer gear to Guild Members if you are selling, at a lower price, or free if possible.
  • Raids are asked to be planned.  If you need a raid or task to be planned.  Please talk to Sabreth for help planning this event.
  • If you are an Officer, read the Guild Officer Rules for other rules and Special Priviledges.
  • Also check Calender for new events you would like to take part in.
  • For Raids please follow Raid Rules.

Guild Officer Rules

Here are the Rules Pertaining to Only Guild Officers:

  • Officers are responsible for searching new people to join the guild. 
  • Officers are responsible on who they invite.  If you invited a new guild member and he or she is offensive to the guild please notify them of their misconduct. If problem persist notify Cindarwhite to remove them from the guild.
  • Officers are also responsible for making sure other members are not in need of some help.  This does not mean that you have to drop everything you are doing to rush to their needs, but to find a resource for them.
  • Officers are sometimes assigned specific jobs as we see if you are capable for and must be carried out.  The Guild Leader will back you up on your decisions or ruling on what your job specifies.  Example:  Raid Officer for raid rules and conducts or Recruiting Officers decisions on guild members eligibility.
  • On Problems between guild officer and guild members.  I will listen to both sides of the story before I pass judgement on either party.  But if you, as the officer, are wrong, please admit to your mistake and appologize to offending party and I will handle the rest.
  • If you are found Offensive, Annoying or Lacking your Responsibilities.  You will be demoted after 2 warnings.  Then you will not be eligible for Officer Rank for 6 months on first offense.  On Second offense you will never be eligible.
  • Officers have priveleges to our bank items, not just guild bank, but our gear or priority of raids as well.  Example:  Sabreth called in Noble Lions and Haunted Dreams for assistance on mob that was wiping us out.  It was an officer of the guild and Sabreth called in a favor.  The result was a successful raid.
  • Officers get priority on items Needed (if item is not called for).  We do not want our officers to be weaker than others so we give yall loot priority on 1 item per three months.  Use it wisely.
  • Other rules will follow as time goes on.

Guild Raid Rules

Here are some Raid Rules that pertain to the guild:

  • At the begining of the Raid please keep raid channel clear of chattering for instructions.  If you are in the need to chatter please talk in group, guild or personel tells.
  • Please follow instructions that are given in raid channel.
  • Group Leaders are to relay instructions from the raid leaders on what to do (example: who to buff or heal or which mob to attack, etc.)
  • Please listen to who are marked as Main Tank (MT), Secondary Tank (ST), Main  Assist (MA), Main Healer (MH), Secondary Healer (SH) and Puller.
  • There will be chat channels set aside for Healers and Tanks to help with healing and who is next in line to tank.  This is to minimize confusion.
  • If you have information on how to run a specific raid that you have successfully done you are welcome to tell Raid Officer but do not bombard him with tells.
  • There is no LOOT and SCOOT in this guild for raids.  I know sometimes RL calls and we understand that.  But you cannot join a raid and loot the item you want.  Then leave raid to go get regular experience with another group.  If the raid is still going, you must stay with the raid until it is called by the raid officer.  This will give you a suspension from raids for three days if you are caught.  Think of it as if you need an item and the person that can help you just looted his item and left raid to only progress him or herself.  This is selfish and will not be tolerated.
  • Please do not disrespect your guild officers.  If you disrepect them, its like disrepecting Cindarwhite and Sabreth.  Example:  if you disrespect Dryake, you are disrespecting Sabreth which then follows to me, Cindarwhite, and thats not good for guild relationship.

  • Other Raid Rules will follow as we raid and experience new ideas.

Here are some of the rules set by your Raid Officers, plz read and follow:

1) if i say we forming up a raid and you want to attend great if not ok.  If you do attend please be courteous to guildies or others attending raid.

2) if Raid Officer is giving strats in /rsay plz be respectful and listen.  I will  warn you once or twice, but if this is excessive, I will boot you from Raids.

3) if we do any items required to do the raid they will be distributed by either Sabreth, Morficejr or by Raid Officers.

4) My biggest annoyance is getting spammed with tells asking Dumb questions that don't even deal with the event.  Example:  If we are raiding in anguish, don't be spamming me about when are you going to powerlevel.

5) for warriors you better carry a cobalt bracer cause i'm a stickler on large races asses in my face if you got a shaman in group lvl 52 they get tiny terror a group shrink or 15 single shrink bstys also get an aa at 70+ thats a group shrink if not talk to me few days before and have 20 plat on ya for a stack of shrink pots.

6) No Whining, complaining or arguing with anyone of the raid PERIOD.

Penalties:  I only have 1 rule that carries severe penalties and that is violating Rule Number 6.

1st time I find out someone arguing or being whinning in there group with guildie while strat being given or during raid.  I will warn ya only 1 time that night and I'll be respectful and send ya the tell.

2) if you are caught breaking the rule twice in 1 night.  I will have ya booted from raids and will not be allowed back on raids til the following week.

3) if you continue your disruptive and destructive behavior on Guild Raids after you comeback from a penalty boot i will boot you from raids and remove you from the expedition if we in 1 and tell you in Guild chat and raidsay your banned from guild raids permanently no questions and if ya try to bring an alt on raid you and the person who invited you are both gonna banned and the 1 who brought you on the raid will suffer a no raids for 2 wks period to learn from his /her lesson.

So if you think my rules are harsh being typed just plz i hate being a prick but if i have to be for the better of the guild I WILL be.

Notes from Cindarwhite:  I support our Raid Officers on his rules.

Notes from Sabreth:  I also support these rules.  Just adding one of my own.  Morficejr is not raid officer, sorry bro.   Our Raid Officers have more experience in Raids than most of us dream of.  So I know what he can do and how we can work for the best.  He is bound to make a few mistakes.  Who hasn't?  We learn as we go.  I appologize if its harsh but its how Raiders do.  You will learn that Raids are hard and we will have to work harder for us to be great.  I want this guild to be great and still maintain family setting.  Like he said Raids are not mandatory and if you want good stuff you have to raid.   Its a catch 22 if you know what I mean.