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So, as I'm sure everyone has noticed, Ventrilo is still down.  And as I'm sure many of you already know, I've been sitting on a cloud shard for a long time that has been idling doing nothing, so I went ahead and installed vent on it as a backup.

That's the old news.

I also had a voucher for $0.50 domain name purchase for .us domains, so I bought

You can now access this website through

And you can now access the vent server through:


Port: 3784

As soon as the real vent server comes back online, I can forward to point to it.

(Note:  at this point, connecting to <anything> will work for ventrilo, but I intend to use in the future in the case that we migrate away from the service that I'm hosting.  Just config your vent to go to and you will always be connecting to the right service.)

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