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If you want to do a DoN or Solteris Raid, plz post here.  These are not mandatory Raids, but would like help for other guildies. 

DoN Raids help with bonus Dmg, HP, Mana, End, etc. for your toons. 

Solteris Raids are to get Some Melee Raid access for Powersources and Phosphites for Rk 3 spells or Tomes for Melee, example Warrior's Brutal Onslaught Rk 3 (Warrior Crippling Blow Disc).  These are the lasts of these Forms of Discs for alot of toons, but were vital discs.

If you would like to like to make this Raid plz post to see if we will have enough to make these Raids happen.  If not then we will post for a later date.


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Any of the lower level raids sound good... we should do older content and build up our toons for the new stuff anyway right?

There's a lot of stuff that I would like to get for Tramp, like AC augs and whatnot, that are a little bit outside of my immediate reach solo.

Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that I'm down. :P

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