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Alternate abilities hotkeys

Each aa has a command you can use to make a hotkey. The following is a link to those commands. Here are a few cleric suggestions/

Rez Hotkey


/1 Rezzing %t

/alt act 3800

/tt Inc Rez


Radiant Cure

/g Radiant cure inc!!!

/alt act 153


Celestial Heals

/alt account 38

/g Incoming Celestial Heal

/healer channel Incoming Celestial Healing


Divine Arbitration

/alt act 169

/g Balancing groups HP with arbitration.



Other commands that might be of interest:

Fundament: Third Spire of Divinity 1472

Fundament: Second Spire of Divinity 1471

Fundament: First Spire of Divinity 1470

Bestow Divine Aura 39

Ward of Purity 506

Divine Resurrection 36

Forceful Rejuvenation 7003


For a list of additional commands check out:



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