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One ldon...mirugual's menegerie, 15 ppl, 30 min tops.


Durgin Skell

Form a raid with up to 36 people and situate them in Everfrost. You must have at least 10 people in the raid to do this, and up to a maximum of 36 -- the more the better.


You say, 'Who is Durgin?'


Lirprin, Head of Affairs says 'I've had the pleasure of serving with a beastlord named Sharalla for quite awhile. For years, she was a reliable friend and companion. At one point I nearly asked her to become my betrothed - we were that close. However, things changed the moment she met that scoundrel Durgin Skell. Her dedication to the Wayfarer's cause wavered noticably whenever he was about. Last time I saw them, Durgin and Sharalla were preparing for [some foolish expedition]. They took a cadre of my best people, ventured off in search a 'great threat' to Norrath and haven't been seen since. I trust Durgin about as far as I can pitch an orc. There's a good chance he's used his silver tongue and charismatic appearance to misguide his group into doing something foolish. If you find him, drop my name. Let him know Lirprin sent you and see if he can explain what he's been up to.'


You say, 'Some foolish expedition?'


Lirprin, Head of Affairs says 'Yes, foolish indeed. He kept mentioning something about a frozen underground cavern below Everfrost and the nightmarish creatures that resided within. We had heard rumors of such a place, but I wouldn't give them much credibility. They're only rumors, after all.'


You are assigned an expedition in to Miragul's Menagerie in Everfrost.


Upon zoning in, your raid will be rushed by some spiders. Nothing special about them; they hit for ~900. Kill them and move into the first hall. This will trigger the goblin event. Ignore the mass amount of green-con goblins attacking you and find the horde leaders. There are two of them which need to be killed. Kill them, and the green-con goblins despawn.


Clear your way to Durgin Skell. Follow his dialogue and receive four tasks to be completed within the expedition. Each of these tasks is an event.


Task 1: one involves the sundering sludge in the room past Durgin. Kill off the blobs in the surrounding rooms and then kill the sundering sludge. Upon its death, it will split into four severing sludges. Each of those four will split into an additional four - slippery sludges. Be mindful about your kill order here. Each blob hits for ~1500 and flurries. Upon killing the last one, the task updates.


Task 2: involves killing four skeletons. They hit for ~1100 and must be killed at the SAME TIME. Beat them down until they turn red, and then beat them down further to within a few % short of their death. Then AE them to death. This updates your task window.


Task 3: involves the slaying of Marrow the Broken, who hits for ~1800 and rampages. He also has an AE (named what?) and spawns adds (named what?). Kill him to update your task window.


Task 4: involves protecting Durgin's love. Spread your raid about the room and then hail the warder in the room to spawn the event. Mobs spawn, attempting to defile Sharalla's corpse. Prevent this from happening by killing them. This completes the tasks.


Return to Durgin and hail him. Tell Durgin your 'progress' to spawn the final boss of the zone, Laskuth the Colossus who is located to the north. Levitate yourselves as he is located on ice near a pit. He hits for ~2280 and has a single-target banishment (to an area not far from the fight). He also uses the spells Crystal Shield (chance to reflect spells by 25%) and Ice Rain. He has about 650k HPs. Killing him lowers your faction with the "Lost Minions of Miragul".


Loot the a note off his corpse and give it to Durgin. Then say to him "Lirprin sent me". This confirms his innocence. This also spawns a chest.


Return to Lirprin in Nedaria's Landing and give him (what? anything?).

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