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Todd Creed (Calric/Taniza/Gayas)
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***If you die during the final encounter. Say "Reward" to Karl while STILL in the instance.***

The Karl in Plane of Knowledge knows nothing about any rewards and once you zone out you are royally screwed out of your reward


Key for us was having all stay in 2 tight groups Casters and melee. Stationed paladins with each group to constantly cast Splash to cure the living lava since most would miss the fact that it was on them. That and having beasts keep MGB paragon going for the heal component along with other AE/MGB heals. We also put rangers in nearly every group to hit their damage reduction spire which helps alot on the 30K AEs.


Last mob has about 18 million hit points based on us taking 2 mins to kill him and hitting 151K DPS.


Last 2 mobs do cast Phantasmal Transformation although did not have time to see what effect it was having.


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