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we will be raiding korafax tonight friday feb. 4th. everyone needs to meet at korafax zi at 7pm cst. we will engage first target no later then 7:30 pm cst. BRING YOUR A GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!



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At 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20% health, Pallorax goes inactive and runs to one of the Riftseeker portals in the area:


Pallorax embraces the darkness of the void, shielding him from combat.


As he reaches a portal, he begins drawing on the Riftseekers' power:


Pallorax draws power from the rift slaves!


Kill the two Riftseekers before he consumes them. If you kill them in time, they buff you.


A smile washes over the Rift slave's face as he dies, 'Chaos rules me no more!'


If he's able to consume them, they buff him:


Consuming the rift slave, dark energy crackles from Pallorax's fingers as his chaotic magic grows in power.


Consuming the rift slave, Pallorax laughs as his wounds appear to close before your eyes.


Pallorax event




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Mindshear Acolytes


The Acolytes each hit for a max ~11,000; single-target rampage; AE rampage (slightly mitigated); flurry; and enrage.


Begin by attacking the Acolyte that appears at the top of a tracker's track list. This is important, because as you fight them, the Mindshear will mix things up by despawning and respawning them in different places (happens every 80 seconds):


The Mindshear extends its power through its acolytes. The world distorts for a moment.


Their aggro resets when this happens, and they all appear to have 100% health. Use a tracker to determine where the top Acolyte is. Upon attacking the same Acolyte and damaging it to 95%, it'll revert to its damaged self:


Mindshear Acolyte's delusion of health and safety are shattered by the intrusion of harsh reality.


If you don't damage it more than 5% before the next distortion, it'll reset to 100% health (for real):


Mindshear Acolyte shouts 'Well, that was refreshing! I am mentally and physically restored!'



One Acolyte casts cold-based spells. One casts disease-based spells. One casts fire-based. One casts magic-based. One casts poison-based.


The "wave" spells listed below are emote-based. Randomly, someone in the raid will receive this emote:


You get the feeling that someone is watching you.


After five seconds, that person will be hit with a "Wave of _____ Terror" spell (targetted AE 80').

Acolyte Emotes


1st Acolyte:

Mindshear Acolyte shouts 'My mind! The pain! Fine then, you wish to be free of me, go on. The Mindshear will give you form and you shall be glorious, for you are a part of me!'


Mindshear Acolyte's personality splits.


A Negativistic Acolyte spawns at this point. There can only be one of these up at a time, and only the first Acolyte you fight (and the Avatar himself) does this.


2nd Acolyte:

Mindshear Acolyte says 'You can feel it, can't you. The fear that hides inside you, it's growing. It's moving inside you. It's taking over. Soon you will no longer be able to resist it. Soon you will be like me.'


It casts the "Rising Terror" spell on random people.

3rd Acolyte:

Mindshear Acolyte says 'You have no idea what weaknesses lie in us all! Illness, weariness and death are upon us at all times. You never know when such a thing will get you and you'll end up dead.'


(All of them may emote this; it signals the cast of one of their "Wave" spells.)


4th Acolyte:

Mindshear Acolyte says 'I don't know who you are, who any of you are. But you're not who you think you are! No one is as they seem. Nobody is what they claim. It takes great awarness to see the truth, and I have that awareness. I shall open your eyes too!'


It casts a charm at this point.




Every time the Mindshear "distorts" the world, a pair of girplans called "a mindshear maniac" spawn. They hit for a max ~5,000; cast "Shackleroot" on their target; and occasional AE a stun:


Shackleroot: Single Target, Magic (-1000)

1: Decrease HP when cast by 500

2: Root


Surge of the Mindshear: PB AE 100', Poison (-600)

1: Stun (2.00 sec)


They are mezzable, charmable, and unkillable. If you charm them and it lasts 10 seconds, they'll kill themselves:


a mindshear maniac says 'What? Self allowed other to control mind? So embarrassed! Must take own life so can not endanger Mindshear again.'


Rarely there are girplan adds that are uncharmable or that appear as another race. The cause of this is unknown.


"Negativistic Acolyte" is spawned by the first Mindshear Acolyte and the Mindshear Avatar. Only one can be up at a time. It hits for a max ~9,000. It emotes:


Negativistic Acolyte says 'I don't see why we fight so much. Can't we just talk about this?' (goes inactive; can't be attacked; regens)


Negativistic Acolyte shouts 'I've had enough of your pity! It's time to teach you respect!' (resumes attacking)


"Acolyte of Granduer" can also spawn (it is not known what causes this, or whether it's avoidable - it may be related to damaging the wrong Acolyte more than 5%). It hits for a max ~9,000 and casts a single target mez:


Awe of the Grandiose: Single Target, Magic (-550)

1: Mesmerize(0)


"Acolyte Guardian" can also spawn (it is not known what causes this). It also hits for a max ~9,000.


And while it's not literally an add, The Mindshear casts the following illusion spells on random people through the event (it does so each time it despawns and respawns the Acolytes):


Mindshear Avatar


As the last Acolyte dies, a chest spawns on the Mindshear. This is a trick, as the Mindshear Avatar spawns shortly after:


Mindshear Avatar shouts 'Yes! Now we understand! The Mindshear was teaching us how to be many and yet remain one! Now we have joined all of our personalities and all of our powers. Only through our deaths could this have been achieved. So we owe you thanks, worthless beasts. Your reward shall be the same gift you have given us. Death!'


It hits for a max ~13,000; AE rampages (slightly mitigated); flurries; and enrages (does NOT single-target rampage). It cycles through the same abilities and emotes as the Acolytes. It is also reported to be pretty resistant to spells.


Mindshear Avatar has been slain by _____!

Mindshear Avatar's corpse's chains fall silent as he falls to the ground.


Korafax Event: Mindshear Avatar


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alance down the health of the Venom Lord and its Projection while killing off the venom protectors and envenomed spiritists that spawn in the five adjoining rooms (optional, but they power up the named if left alone), as well as the vitrik/kyv/ratuk spawns. Kill the Venom Lord and Projection for the win.

Venom Lord Ksathrax


Venom Lord Ksathrax hits for a max ~13,000; AE rampages (mitigated to ~5,000); does NOT single-target rampage or flurry; and enrages. He casts "Viscous Venom" and "Frenzied Venom":


Envenomed Spiritists


Adjoined to the main room are five smaller rooms (three on the top floor; two on the bottom floor). Every 2:30 from the point of engagement, the Venom Lord emotes:


Venom Lord Ksathrax shouts 'Arise, envenomers! Gift me with the power of your blood sacrifice!'


...At which point in each of the five rooms, 1x "a venom protector" and 1x "an envenomed spiritist" spawn. If the spiritist is not killed, it'll sacrifice itself to power up the Venom Lord. You'll have to kill the venom protector before you can kill the spiritist. They hit for a max ~10,000 and do not summon. A few DPS and a tank is sufficient to handle a room.


55 seconds after the Venom Lord's emote, you see a warning:


an envenomed spiritist shouts 'The ritual is almost complete, Lord of Venoms! Our blood will soon be yours!'


And 15 seconds after the warning (for every spiritist not yet killed):


an envenomed spiritist brutally spills her own blood, infusing the Venom Lord with destructive power.


...And the Venom Lord powers up.


NOTE: You can technically ignore this part provided you can cope with the power-ups.


a venom protector says 'You will not harm the spiritists, mortal!'


a venom protector has been slain by _____!

a venom protector falls limp, unbelieving.

Your faction standing with Discordant Armies got worse.

Your faction standing with Dragorn Forces got better.

Your faction standing with Herald of Druzzil Ro got better.

a venom protector's death signals the failure of the protective ward over a nearby envenomed spiritist.


an envenomed spiritist has been slain by _____!

an envenomed spiritist slumps to the ground, dead.

Venomous Projection


As the Venom Lord hits 50% health, you'll see this:


Venom Lord Ksathrax calls upon ruinous powers to create a deadly poisonous copy of itself.


Venomous Projection says 'Succumb to despair, mortals! You cannot stand against the fury of Discord!'


Venomous Projection spawns in the center of the room - it is a duplicate of the Venom Lord with the exception he casts "Shadowed Venom" instead of "Viscous Venom".


Now you have the two of them to contend with. They'll balance each other's health, resetting to the health of whichever one is highest at the time of the check (he also summons the projection to his location when this happens):


Venomous Projection shouts 'Not so fast, mortals! You will not separate me from my other self!'


The Projection's AEs:



At certain health percentages (70%, 40%, 10%), a trio of adds spawns outside the room and rushes in:


a vitrik bloodscreecher

a ra`tuk warblade

a kyv death archer


They hit for a max ~10,000 and enrage. They are not mezzable. The kyvs cast "Savage Volley":


Savage Volley: Directional 300', Unresistable (-1000)

1: Decrease HP when cast by 18000

2: Decrease Movement by 40%


Kill the Projection and the Venom Lord for the win. Adds do not despawn.

Korafax Event: Venom Lord Ksathrax


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