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Clan Skallagrim has contacted Morf and I, over the weekend, on the possible merger of their guild into ours.  They have a few raiding clerics in their guild.  Apparently most of their leaders have left to another server and have left about a hundred or so toons(alts and box players) about 20 actual players behind and they want to join our guild to build us up.  We are leaving this up to the guild for open discussion. 


If you have any pros or cons with the decision making please bring this up.  Our decision will not be final until this Friday, January 28, 2011.


I will try to be on later today to discuss this with our Officers and see what the general decision is.


If we accept the Merger, we will add only a few of the officers to our officer roster and will have to redo the officer roles in the guild.  Leaving some officers with just officer titles and no real job other than filling in the spots.


Raids will continue as we always have.  They will not be mandatory and its up to the Raid officers to do decide when and where raids will be held if we decide when raids will happen.  More on that on Raid Discussion.


If other questions about merger comes up, I will discuss them here.


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We are merging with Clan Skallagrim.


If you see any Clan Skallagrim members and they wish to join EKoN, contact an officer that is on.  For the next following week all officers will try to invite all Clan Skalagrim members. 


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