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Necromancers and Twitching

Posted by eternalknightsofnorrath on April 10, 2011 at 3:09 PM Comments comments ()

Taken from the Allakhazam page on Necromancers:

 "Traditionally, necromancers were utilized for their ability to transfer mana directly from themselves to a single other player character. This twitch line of spells is loathed by many members of the class as it requires the necromancer to cease all DPS (the main reason you keep them around) in order to give a very very small amount of mana to the recipient. The spell line was discontinued years ago. As spell costs and mana pools have continued to increase, it is extremely obsolete today."

"Unfortunately, even today, the occasional ignorant raid leader will still send calls for necro's to start twitching or pumping when clerics report LoM status. Simply ignore the requests and continue DPS'ing if you find yourself in this situation and odds are you will receive compliments for twitching anyways."


Just keeping people informed.

- Gravitus