Eternal Knights of Norrath


About Cindarwhite (Guild Leader)

My name is Dolores a.k.a. Motsie. I was born January 24, 1976 in San Antonio, TX.  I am Married to Paul Jr.(Sabreth).  We have been married 14 years to this date.  We have three children, Paul III (Elderane), Maribel (Maribel), Elijah (Demontoad).  We love playing EQ.  That is why I have set guild to a Family Guild.   My kids play and I would like it to be helpful and fun.  I like to have fun and laugh.  I am a people friendly person.  I like all in the guild.  It takes alot to annoy me.  So please enjoy the game and the guild.  I would like for all to know me as a good friend.  I love to cook, so if yall have some recipes to trade tell me in game LOL.  Thx, luv yall n c yall in game.

About Sabreth (1st Officer)

My name is Paul Jr.  I was born February 7, 1976 in San Antonio, TX.  As yall know I am married to Motsie and have 3 children.  I am more laid back and like to enjoy life. I like playin EQ because of meeting new people from different places.  I was a U.S. Navy Corpsmen stationed with the U.S. Marines for over eight years.  Later I became a Truck Driver and drove all 48 States including Canada.  I am currently just playing EQ LOL.  I like to hang out with yall guys and hope yall like to have fun with me.  I am very playful, thats one of the reasons my wife loves me.  I would like to make your gaming time fun and helpful.  Laters yall, cya in da game LOL.

About Morficejr

Real life name Eddie.  Born April 4, 1977 in San Antonio, TX.  Real life brother to Sabreth. Has four children.  Favorite hobbies or just plain his life is EQ.  Favorite Food anything as long as it is served in front of him on EQ.  That also includes his drink.  Favorite Conversation EQ.  Pretty much, any of his favorite thing is EQ.  If you want to get him something for his birthday, make sure its EQ related and he will love you.

 This was filled out by Sabreth so you know I will say anything stupid in regards of my brother.  If I can get a laugh out of his expense I will do it.  Man I am a mean brother, what brother wouldn't do that if he didn't care, or do I ??? You all will never know, Mwuhahahaha!!!

About Elderane

McDonald's Chicken Nugget's are getting grosser by the second. You know what? I haven't seen a Jim Adler commercial in forever. I helped put this site together. Schools should incorporate naptime into High School. That would be genius... I like donuts, but not coffee. Some people I know like to take the coffee thing waaaaaaay too far. So far, he's memorized the whole cycle that coffee takes to keep you awake, along with all the scientifical names for the molecules and such.