Eternal Knights of Norrath


Eternal Knights of Norrath

Guild Leader: Cindarwhite Fairytale

1st Ranking Officer (and RL husband): Sabreth

2nd Ranking Officer:  Morficejr

Guild Webpage Officer: Doctorbob

Recruiting 1st Officer : Phaarok

Recruiting 2nd Officer: Kandaras

1st Guild Bank Officer:  Aanerin

2nd Guild Bank Officer:  Jonjon

3rd Guild Bank Officer: Elderane

Website: Sabreth, Elderane and Doctorbob

Recruiting Officers are responsible for Advising New Guild Members of guild webpage registration and guild rules.  Recruiting Officers are there for assistance not Power Levelers at all.  During your 30 day probationary period they will assist new members in questions or advice.

Guild Bank Officers are allowed to change items to specify who is allowed to have what items from guild bank.  They are also allowed to sell any excess items in guild bank.  If you need an item stored away for a certain player, please contact a guild banker.

Hello Knights,

Welcome to EKoN's new webpage, with this site we'll be sure to keep you informed on all the New Guild Events, Members, Officers, Quests, Tasks, and other things not always widely broadcasted to all our Fellow Guildmates through some miscommunications. If you have any ideas how to better this site please feel free to drop a line or two on the Forums and we'll let our son know what to do.                                                             -Cindarwhite Fairytale


If you have questions or ideas to give to the guild, please post it in the Forums.


Check Out Elderane's Corner every now and then for random updates on the Guild and the Guild's Website that SOME people don't care even care to post!!!


Weekly event plans.

  •  Mon - 8pm - 11pm CST --> SoD, Underfoot or HoT Progressions.
  •  Tues - 8pm - 11pm CST --> gear farming.
  •  Wed - 8pm - 11pm CST --> SoD, Underfoot or HoT Progressions.
  •  Thurs - 8pm - 11pm CST --> gear farming
  •  Fri - 8pm - 11pm CST --> Raid day 1
  •  Sat - 8pm - 11pm CST --> Raid day 2
  •  Sun - off day, go have some fun!


Elderane's Corner

Hello Guys!!! This is where I'll type random stuff that may or may not be important to know.

 Message For Who-Knows-How-Long: Well, I don't think my father is going to help edit this thing except for every once and a while. I can't really deal with that sort of truck because I don't really play on this server too much. Plus, it's not my guild. I'm soooo far down in rank that if the guild had a monkey it would order me around. So yeah, if things look as if they haven't been updated in five billion years, it's probably because it's true.

Another Message: Add Stuff to our Wikipedia that you believe you have knowledge about to grow our Site's and Guild's Knowledge on Random or Important Subjects or Matters. Information is key to pretty much everything. Go now and give us an update on the latest.

Times Visited

 We KNOW you've been here.

Knight's Honored Wall

These are the few and proud Knights that have fought for EKoN and made us proud to Honor them with the Title THE KNIGHTS.  They have helped our guildmates countless times, dropped what they needed to do to help other guildies succeed and progress though our guild.  For this I will Honor them and mention who they are wether or not they are still in EKoN.  To these knights we honor you this title and our respect.



Bladerunner aka Jonjon